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Mialynns 2nd Birthday Sillybration Yo Gabba Gabba DIYThemed
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Lynn, you was about 7 months turning 8 months when this picture was taken. This was around the time you began having guts to journey away from crawling and walk. How AMAZING I felt when you took your first step at 9 months. I couldn’t believe my eyes, You have always made me proud and so grateful that you are mine. It still baffles me that you are already 15 months.Now you are running and have become a destructive, curious, adventurist toddler who tells me “come on” so i can tag along (I always have and always will). After all you are the more interesting one in this pair of MJ’s. I love you.
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Lynn, Though I love that you are super smart (maybe toooo smart) and slick and well full of life, energy and curiousity, Oh how i sometimes think of pressing the pause button so I can have more times with you being like this today because I know tomorrow you’ll be more smarter, more slicker, and more of everything…. Your growing too fast.
It is true you know, time flies when you are happily having fun. 
Updates on your vocab…..
Oh Mah Gahhh! (Oh My Gosh)
Than Thuuu (Thank You)
kum (come)
top (stop)
ewo (hello)
buh bye
yahhh (yeah)
juissss (juice) 
che (milk)
….& a bunch of other stuff that I havent figured out what it means
Btw Baby Language is a Language that ALL parent must learn according to child, When ever we are around others i ALWAYS have to translate it so everyone knows what she says and once they pick it up there like “Ohh yeah it does sound like ____” 
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Train Show at the Botanical Garden.
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Lynn first time at the beach on our Florida Trip this past September… She enjoy the water but most of all the sand. Lets just say the poopy diaper that follow after this adventure was filled with sand… -_-